Pre-Event Consulting

“Smiling while giving” is our goal. Strategic planning is centered around creating an atmosphere that educates, engages, and empowers attendees to support your organization, all while achieving internal goals and benchmarks. During the pre-event consulting process, we will insure that we are pre-positioned for success. This type of strategic approach targets all the key night-of fundraising variables. We will share firsthand knowledge of the latest trends, ideas and unique ways to increase night-of event revenues.

Fundraising Professional & Auctioneer

Our industry-leading roster of award-winning, experienced fundraising professionals and auctioneers is unmatched. They understand – and embrace – the integral role they play in the success of your event. Our goal is to establish a connection with your attendees in a warm, professional manner that focuses on the positive impact of donor support to communities, families, and individuals served by your organization’s mission.

Our fundraising professionals successfully execute Fund A Need/Paddle Raises and Live Auctions. We embrace and are comfortable integrating the latest technology into the fundraising process.


Our services allow us to provide dedicated event hosts. We can keep your audience engaged and your program on time with a professional emcee who will embrace a thorough knowledge of the organization and program.

Post-Event Consulting

Our commitment to your success does not conclude at the end of your event. One of the most important features of our service portfolio is the opportunity to conduct a post-event consulting. This allows us to conduct a thorough analysis of the event as well as discuss how to be best positioned as planning begins for future editions.


We understand that events are different, budgets are different, and your needs are different. We want to be the best investment you can make for your event. Our creative and flexible pricing model allows for our accomplished professionals to work with you and your organization.

Let's discuss more about your upcoming event and how we might help.